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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Glossy Box- What is it?

I should have written this post a while ago... just to explain the Glossy Box concept for those who don't know.

I recently had a question about what it is and how they get involved, which is when i realised I haven't blogged about it!

But better late than never and hopefully this will be helpful for the newbies and those who don't know about the Glossy Box craze.

Glossy Box is a company that you subscribe to for £10 per month plus £2.95 p&p.

You can cancel your subscription and any point you want by contacting the Glossy Box team via their website.

For your £12.95 per month you receive 5 luxury products from high end brands.

I got involved with this because from a bloggers point of view its perfect to review the products that you get each month. And also I love get my little delivery of goodies every month.

The packaging is gorgeous and the box sturdy and strong to re use again and again!

Its worth trying once, the problem may be that if that month you don't get great products it may put you off! But that is why it is so great that you can cancel when you like or carry on seeing what the monthly box brings :)

I must admit it is hit and miss! I have had months when I have been totally disappointed! But others I have been delighted. But I think this is only to be expected with something that is so mass produced.

Hope you find this useful!

Here are the links to my recent glossy boxes so you can see for yourself!

Lots of love


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