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Sunday, 2 October 2011

September Glossy Box

 September Glossy Box.

I enjoy receiving my Glossy box every month purely because it usually introduces to brands and products I haven't heard of before and Septembers box was no exception.

Products in this months box:

Dead sea spa magik salt brushing
HD Brows palette
Mary Greenwell Plum Perfume
Moa The green balm
Neal and Wolf Glow Super shine spray

Of course the HD brows palette was the most well received item! I can't wait to have actual HD Brows done I have been intrigues by the treatment for a while and would love to have it done when I get around to it!

The powders in the palette are of a lovely consistency and extremely pigmented! A little goes a long long way!

The Dead sea spa salt brushing is a lovely nutritious treat to give your skin, I even didn't feel I had to moisturise after using this in the shower! I wouldn't use it every shower time however! Just for an occasional treat!

The Mary Greenwell perfume was not for me I am afraid! Quite a traditional smelling perfume!

The Moa The green Balm really doesn't float my boat!  I really don't understand why I would buy this as a body balm! If I have dry skin I will just moisturise a little more! I wouldn't reach for this! Although each to their own I suppose but this product definitely not for me! I think this type of product is definitely something that is a waste of money!

Neal and Wolf shine spray was also a treat for me as I love anything that will make my hair extra shiny! And this product smells absolutely divine! Gorgeous products!

There is a mixed bag of products coming from the glossy box team at the moment and I keep thinking I may cancel. I have never been completely happy with a full box. As many times I have looked at other blogs and the products they received would have suited me much better! I just hope there hurry up and sort out a good     questionnaire that will help them to give each individual everything that would suit them!

I may give it another couple of boxes to see if it gets any better!

What do you think of glossy box? Are you getting perfect products for you?




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