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Monday, 4 February 2013

Body Shop- Vineyard Peach Body Butter

I honeslty don't think there will be one reader who is not aware of The Body Shop Body Butter and if there is... listen carefully. You must try some!

For many years now I have been a lover of Body shop and their Body Butters. The smells and quality are to die for, just one thing holding me back, the price.

Sometimes it is hard to justify £13 for a 200ml body moisturiser when there are lots of good competitors out their in the supermarkets for a cheaper price.

Yet the sheer luxury of The Body Shop Butters is unbeatable and truely luxurious.

Now I have to say my all time favourite is the strawberry body butter and along with the vineyard peach I did purchase the strawberry one too. But enough about that and on to Vineyard Peach.

It smells exactly as you would expect... Peach. Funny that.

I like to think it smells of a peach yoghurt, with that creamy smell to it also.

The butter does take a while to sink into the skin but leaves a subtle sheen to the skin for hours.




JASON Lips Bee Healthier

I received this in a recent glossy box and I have to say I am in love with this balm.

It is a plain lip balm, no colourings, no fancy shimmers or glitters, just natural.

I apply this every morning and it smells divine. The only thing that I can liken the smell to is the smell of all butter mints! I love this smell however so if you don't, this product is probably not for you.

The texture is smooth on the lips and lasts well, leaving a subtle sheen to the lips, nothing to over powering.

A perfect balm for Winter parched lips.

Contains Aloe and Beeswax.


Here's the interesting bit...

Prevent Parched lips with this rich, natural combination of moisture-trapping Beeswax,Vitamin E, and Green Tea Extract.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel helps heal, soothe and protect chapped lips while Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil moisturise. Leaves lips tingly and soft with peppermint Oil.

Have you tried this lovely lip balm?

Interested in purchasing? Here is the link