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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipsticks

Hey Girls!

I am starting to sense a pattern in my lip colours, they are all different shades of pink! Hmmm maybe I need to branch out a little and try something other than pink? :)

Although, I have always gone for a lighter colour on my lips just because I missed out in a decent share of a gorgeous pout when God was giving out looks! :)

I always think a darker lip colour makes your lips look small so I have always gone for the lighter shades to give me a fair chance of the game! :)

Plus all that effort... is my lipstick ok, do I have it on my teeth? my face even? I can't be bothered with anything like that when I am out for the evening! so I would rather be wearing a lip colour that doesn't 'make' the look, so if it wears away I'm not too bothered because my look doesn't depend on it

HOWEVER it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind... sometimes... and with these two beauties you will see why.

These are Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipsticks in number 6 Bubblegum and number 8 Sweet Tart.

BUBBLEGUM                        SWEET TART

These are bright colours which take confidence to wear, coming from a nude lip person, if you are a bright red lippie lover then you will probably be rolling your eyes at me here :)

Lasting Colour... are they? Yes indeedy! I have worn each of these on nights out and they have lasted a good few hours at least and this is with having a drink, talking and singing away!!

Lovely moisturising feel to the lipstick, glides on smooth




Great lipsticks, lasts for a few hours at least, true pigmented colours, smooth and moisturising and for the price of £2.99 these are an absolute steal!

I think the quality of collection 2000 is amazing for the prices and the quality has increased incredibly over the years!

What do you think of Collection 200 products?

Love Amanda xXx

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