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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Recent purchases...

Here is a photo list of some lovely things I have purchased over the past few weeks!....

Boots River Island £35

Dress £20 Topshop

Shirt H&M £12.99

Dress Missguided £22.99

vest... perfect for blogging don't you think? H&M £7.99

A few purchases here, I have been very good this month I have to admit!!!

Are you enjoying the new seasons styles flooding the high street?



Friday, 27 January 2012

Black so chic...

Black polish made a glamorous come back a number of years ago. Black polish is often associated with the grungy or gothic look. Yet a number of fashion houses showed us how black can be glamorous....super shiny of course.

I love the super shiny black nail look but I always find black polish is so hard to get right because it has to be an absolutely perfect manicure in my opinion to look ever so chic! Here's my attempt, not as perfect as I would of liked but I tried!

The polish I used is by Rimmel Lasting Finish in Black Cab with a UV Gel topcoat for extra shine....

What do you think? do you like black polish?




Wednesday, 25 January 2012

All buttoned up....

I stepped out in this ensemble recently, what do you think?

The shirt trend I love at the moment, with tailoring and bows around the collar. So I decided to add this necklace quite high up as a sort of twist on the bow/ribbon thing lots of blouses have going on this season.

Tan coloured long vest H&M
Blouse H&M
Leggings Topshop
Wedge Ankle boots River Island
Long necklace Freedom @ Topshop

I really need to invest in a tripod to hold my camera don't you think?!




Monday, 23 January 2012

I am engaged!!

I have been with my lovely boyfriend a while now and as a huge surprise he proposed on Christmas day, mid way through present opening! How lovely!

I was in shock for most of the day and I am so excited!

The most important thing that all ladies want to see is... THE RING!!!

Here it is......

Classic and chic I think?

We aren't setting a date just yet as I need to finish my university degree but watch this space!

Lots of love

Amanda xxx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Revlon Photo Ready foundation 003 shell

I have heard this foundation mentioned a good few times by other bloggers and wanted to try it myself.

I was torn between buying this and Revlon's Colour stay foundation.

I must admit I wish I would have bought the other one!!

I paid £13 for this foundation and I must say it isn't anything to rave about, the coverage is not what I expected. I was expecting a fairly full coverage to create a perfect even face for a photograph. It isn't, really. The foundation is quite runny which was a surprise!!

Here is a few pictures to see the product and coverage.... 

Love Amanda xXx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My favourite bloggers of 2011...

As well as writing my own blog posts I love reading others. Many give me inspiration for my own posts and/or introduce me to a fab product to try out. There are a few main bloggers that I look out for on my reading list when I log in and I thought it would be a nice idea to give them some recognition for, in my eyes being a fab blogger....

Sinead at Dainty Dolly Mix- visit HERE

Khila at Miss Budget Beauty- visit HERE

Imogen at Bubble Dreams...- visit HERE

Kandee Johnson at visit HERE

Sam and Nic at Pixiwoo- visit HERE

Of course there are many many more fabulous blogs but these are just a handful of them that  I regularly read and most importantly they post regularly! Go on... go and visit them! You won't regret it!

Love all these fab bloggers! Do you have a list?

Lots of love



nearly a year on...

Nearly a year ago I began to set up my blog! I stumbled across a review of a product on another blog and after reading one post went ahead and read more posts. I became hooked waiting for new blog posts every week from this blogger. Eventually I was so into reading other blogs I thought why not begin my own?!

And here we are nearly a year on and boy am I going to celebrate!!!  With my lovely readers and followers of course!!

I am quickly racking my brain to have a fab giveaway to mark 1 year of Dreams of Beauty being live!

So any good suggestions of prizes etc please comment below! But I do have some idea's!

Stay tuned for the DOB Birthday celebrations!!!!

lots of love and hugs



Wednesday, 4 January 2012

That weighty issue...

After all the Christmas indulgence don't we all begin to think that we must do something about it?

I have been following the Weight Watchers plan for a while now and my journey has been up and down to say the least! I combine my sensible eating with exercise, mainly walking.

Over Christmas I refuse to diet, I just don't see the point! Its family time and eating time!

So now its all over and I gained 3lb over the festive period!! Not bad, although still disappointing!

I've decided to kick start my weight loss again by getting a good and most importantly fun exercise regime in place. I really do recommend the Weight Watchers plan if you are thinking about losing weight, its an easy and excellent way of losing weight safely. The best thing about the plan is that it changes the way you think about food and eventually you do (honestly!) prefer and choose the healthier option of food choices!

So my new fun exercise routine, I shall let you know how I get on! I am going to start ice skating , swimming and walking. All once a week for 1.5 to 2 hours :) What do you think? I'm quite looking forward to it really! I love ice skating and look at all those trim bums n tums on Dancing on Ice! Good for toning I am thinking! Which is my main aim!

How about my lovely followers? Are you thinking of a new plan of action for a healthier new year?

Lots of love