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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 220

I picked this up in my local tesco last 
night along with the concealer to match.

The foundation is on offer at Tesco at the moment for £7.99 which I thought was reasonable to trial it.

Along side the display of foundation there was an easy to use guide. The guide was split in to Fair, Medium and Dark skin tones. There is two different shades of foundation in each section which personally I think this makes it easier to choose from, although I can see this may be more of a hindrance if you don't fit in to that specific shade.

I picked shade 220 in foundation and shade 20 in the concealer.

I must say when I applied this foundation this morning it was lovely, easy to blend and a perfect colour match. It left a dewy finish making the skin look healthy and not 'cakey'.

This picture is at 8:15am when the foundation was first applied. I applied the foundation with my fingers rather than a foundation brush this time.

And 7 hours later...

The foundation first thing did cover blemishes but not fully so I did need to use the concealer on these areas. I finish the makeup with MAC mineralize skinfinish and Mac Blusher.

7 hours later the foundations coverage is still visible but the coverage on blemishes had gone completely  As you can see round the chin area on the second picture.

I would say this foundation is definitely a day wear foundation if you have blemishes you need to cover. You may wish to have a heavier coverage foundation for evening wear. I would say this is a light to medium coverage foundation.

Overall I do like this foundation so far. However I will see in a few weeks if this is still my opinion!



Friday, 2 November 2012

Bonfire night fashion....

I really love bonfire night and love getting wrapped up even more.

So here is my take on bonfire night fashion and how I would keep super snuggly!!

I always manage to keep my torso warm yet always have cold legs! So the last few years I have resorted to leggings under my jeans! Yes I know not very sexy but nevertheless I have warm legs!

I also always layer up on top too. A cool t-shirt, a cute jumper followed by a chunky knit scarf.

THE most important fashion accessory of course is the coat as this is usually the main item of clothing people will see. I have had my eye on a gorgeous Zara coat for a while now (below) but it is out of stock at the moment so I am keeping my eye out for when it becomes available! This would be a perfect winter warming coat with the fur detailing I cannot wait to purchase!

Of course it is also important to have appropriate footwear as often at this time of year organised displays are in muddy fields, a place where you really don't want to wear your best shoes! I often wear a cheap pair of snow boots or wellies as they are easy to clean and if they do end up getting ruined, the cheap price makes it not much of a big deal if they end up in the bin!

I also usually wear a cute hat and gloves making sure im super snuggly and warm.

Most of all bonfire night is a perfect night to have fun spend time with friends and family but most of all to be safe.

Have a fab bonfire night everyone, be safe and have fun!




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