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Thursday, 1 December 2011

HD Brows

Ever since I heard about HD Brows I wanted them! Although I must admit I never thought I would be able to afford them! Something that Katie Price has in her beauty regime is not usually this cheap!
Ok, it's not a price that you want to be paying every time you need a wax but cheap enough for a treat that won't break the bank.

The HD Brow system is becoming more and more available in local salons which is great!

I found my local salon and luckily enough they have a introductory offer on at the moment, normally they charge £25 for the treatment but as an introduction are offering them for just £20. Not a lot of discount but this time of year every little helps!

You can also find your local approved salon on the HD Brows website or click HERE to go straight to the salon finder. 

I was given a HD Brow patch test kit 24hrs before my treatment and applied this myself at home. It reminds me of applying a little temporary tattoo! The patch test contains PPD and resorcinol which are chemicals that are found in tinting and hair dyes. Regardless of how many times you have had your hair coloured or eye brows tinted you can have a reaction to these ingredients at any point, whether its your 1st time or your 10th. Due to this it is so important you receive a patch test before every treatment, after all a small reaction on your arm (with only a small amount of these ingredients) is much better than a large and potentially dangerous reaction on your face.

The Treatment

The therapist will assess you brows, asking what colour you are thinking of having and the look you wish to achieve. I love a groomed and fairly angular brow.
I went two shades darker than my normal brow colour which was advised by my therapist.
After she has assessed your brows she will get to work with the tinting, waxing and threading. 
My eyes did water but only to be expected with both waxing and threading! 
I have a few areas where I have over plucked over the years and so the therapist filled them in for me using the HD Brow palette. Luckily I have one of these from a recent Glossy Box that I received so she showed me where to fill in at home.

The treatment lasted approximately 45 minutes and was lovely and relaxing in parts.

I was so pleased with the finished result and so glad they were not too dark! I was really worried about this but my therapist Bev got the colour absolutely spot on!

And here is the before and after pictures.... What do you think?

Before and After.



will you be getting the HD Brow treatment?

Lots of Love



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