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Monday, 12 December 2011

My beautiful past two weeks....

Hello lovely ladies!

I have been venturing into having a few new treatments lately and testing them out for you! It's a hard life isn't it!

The two treatments I have had my eye on for a while now, I have done quite a bit of research on, seeing if they are worth their money!

I recently had the HD Brow treatment done which I am still very amazed about! I absolutely love my brows now, they turned out just the way I wanted them.

I have also recently had the Shellac nail treatment, giving me lovely glossy red polish for a recent party!

HD Brows is about the design of your brows, threading, waxing and tinting. Shellac is a polish that lasts for up to 14 days chip free, with an extra glossy shine to it.
(Shellac review to follow)

I had both my treatments at my local salon Beverley Alexandra (CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE
I think the salon and staff around you make a huge difference to your treatment experience and both of the ladies that did my treatments were lovely, friendly and professional. I was in good hands as you can see from the fab results of my HD Brows (Click here for review) and you will also see what I think of my Shellac treatment in a blog post soon. The salon is modern and everyone made me feel welcome and I have to say I particularly loved the Marilyn Monroe wallpaper in the nail room! 
With such a classic modern feel to the salon it shows that the ladies know about what is in vogue in every area and are trained in up to the minute hair and beauty, which in the case of the Shellac nail treatment this is the first salon for miles around near me that has this treatment! 

For my HD Brow treatment it costs £20 during an introduction offer, on for a limited period only.

For my Shellac nail treatment it costs £15 during an introduction offer, on for a limited period only.

For the HD Brow treatment I also got a lovely tweet from the HD Brow company too thanking me for my review, I've got to say I was very excited!

The only bad thing about having these two treatments is that I now want them doing all the time! I am a HD Brow and Shellac convert! :)

I would recommend these treatments to anyone they are fantastic! And if you live in the Rossendale area, or even if you don't... get on over to Beverley Alexandra Salon they are the best! They also have a Facebook page too with lots of photo's and competitions going on to win free hair and beauty products!

Lots of Love 



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