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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A very long Journey....

I have realised this week I haven't blogged about my weight watchers for a while now.

So I thought it was time for a bit of an update on the whole scales situation... if you are a regular reader you will probably be able to see the difference in my face and body posts from way back at start to those I am posting now. I officially began weight watchers on 16th March 2011 and now my latest weigh in is 21st December.

My start weight was: 11st 8.5 lb
My current weight: 10st 3lb

I have so far lost 19.5 lbs and I feel great!!!!

I have done it slowly, had great weeks, bad weeks, very bad weeks when I have packed it all in for a week or two, but I am finally nearly there and I am so glad a got back on the waggon and carried on. That sense of achievement is immense and makes you feel like it has all been worthwhile!

My Goal weight has change a couple of times as I wasn't happy being that little bit heavier so I decreased it slightly. My current goal weight is 10stone on the dot, as at 5 foot 7inches tall I am lucky I can carry it well.
This weight is still when within my recommended BMI, which is important to be a good healthy weight.

Not long to go now, just 3lb, although with Christmas just 3 days away I somehow think it may take me a little bit longer than two weeks to lose this last stubborn 3lb!

If you are on your weight watchers journey whether just starting, thinking of starting in the New Year or like me nearly there, please leave a comment below about your journey. Encouragement is the key in weight loss, when you have the support of those around you it is an unbelievable advantage!

I haven't been organised enough to have taken a before picture but here is a comparison between two pictures, the first taken around starting the weight watchers plan and the second picture being the most recent picture I have of myself, from 2 weeks ago :)

Happy Holidays everyone!!

love always

Amanda xxx

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