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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Shellac.... hard as nails

Hello ladies!!

Here is the much awaited Shellac blog post. I first heard of Shellac a while ago now as I have been an avid reader of all things nails since forever. I did used to do my own acrylic nails for a while, so was always looking for the latest thing... After 4 years of having acrylic nails every 3 to 4 weeks I decided to go cold turkey and stop having them!
The ladies reading this who have had acrylic nails on for a long time will know the huge amount of willpower it takes to try and hold out without them. Your nails are left weak, short and no matter how many coats of polish or strengthener, in the first few months they are a mess! So now just 6 months on of having no acrylic nails, they are getting into better shape and grow tougher everyday!

So as Shellac is a relatively new system to the UK when I found my local salon provide this system I jumped for joy! I was really excited about getting this done, purely the thought of not having to paint my nails for 2 weeks, no hassle and a beautiful mirror finish... well I was sold!

Shellac is a product designed by nail professional CND, it is a polish said to last up to 14 days unmarked. There are lots of immitation products flying around out there such as gellac and gelish to name only two. I have never tried these products so wish to remain on the fence with comparisons, but Shellac is the original and I have been told... the best.

I went along to my local salon, Beverley Alexandra, I chose my colour, I opted for a beautiful bright red and the treatment began.

Your nails are filed, cuticles pushed back, and base coat applied. Shellac has to be applied in thin layers and dried within the special CND lamp between each coat. The drying process is seconds and then another thin layer of colour is applied. Once the desired finish and colour intensity is reached and dried under the lamp, the top coat is applied. Now you begin to see that beautiful eye catching mirror shine that the Shellac system is becoming increasing famous for! Once dried the nails are wiped over with a CND wipe, which increases the shine and Solar oil is applied.

When having my first set of Shellac done in red, I didn't apply Solar oil everyday and they began to chip within a week! I was gutted as I thought this was some sort of miracle product! I have however, gone back, to see if it was just 'one of those things' and was told it is a must to apply the solar oil everyday, and more in the winter months as the nails are dry and battling harsh conditions.
For the second lot of Shellac I have opted for a gorgeous bright pink colour and I will definitely keep you posted on the longevity of this set with the solar oil!

Here is a little bit of the science behind Shellac....

Shellac is a resin secreted by the Lac bug, pretty gross I know! But this resin has been used for many years as varnish for woods and others, the first recorded usage being 3000 years ago!... Ok enough of the history and science bit... have a peak for yourself....



I touched them up myself after these photo's but only for a few days and then i removed them myself my soaking them in acetone....

And here is my brand new set done today ready for Christmas Day.....

Lets wait and see if they look like this in a week! I hope so!

Lots of Love and festive wishes



Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Blogger World......

This is my first Christmas as a blogger!

Dreams of Beauty has been active since February 2011 and so in a couple of months it will be 1 years old!

I must say beginning a blog is so much harder than you could ever imagine, setting it up and getting it just right, and sometimes you do feel like you are talking to nobody!

I really do appreciate every single person who takes time out of their day to read some of my rambles, I do hope you find them useful!

I love blogging now and can't imagine not doing, it is always in your stream of thoughts whilst in Boots or at a make up counter.. thinking hmmm I'll blog about this. I don't get paid for writing my blog, I just enjoy writing it as a hobby! I am studying for a degree in English and I am a fashion and beauty obsessive, so what could be a better outlet!

Look out for D.O.B 1st birthday celebrations throughout February! Including give-away's and more!

I want to wish all of my readers, followers and non followers a Happy, Magical Christmas and a Prosperous and healthy New Year!

Lots of Love as always



Thursday, 22 December 2011

A very long Journey....

I have realised this week I haven't blogged about my weight watchers for a while now.

So I thought it was time for a bit of an update on the whole scales situation... if you are a regular reader you will probably be able to see the difference in my face and body posts from way back at start to those I am posting now. I officially began weight watchers on 16th March 2011 and now my latest weigh in is 21st December.

My start weight was: 11st 8.5 lb
My current weight: 10st 3lb

I have so far lost 19.5 lbs and I feel great!!!!

I have done it slowly, had great weeks, bad weeks, very bad weeks when I have packed it all in for a week or two, but I am finally nearly there and I am so glad a got back on the waggon and carried on. That sense of achievement is immense and makes you feel like it has all been worthwhile!

My Goal weight has change a couple of times as I wasn't happy being that little bit heavier so I decreased it slightly. My current goal weight is 10stone on the dot, as at 5 foot 7inches tall I am lucky I can carry it well.
This weight is still when within my recommended BMI, which is important to be a good healthy weight.

Not long to go now, just 3lb, although with Christmas just 3 days away I somehow think it may take me a little bit longer than two weeks to lose this last stubborn 3lb!

If you are on your weight watchers journey whether just starting, thinking of starting in the New Year or like me nearly there, please leave a comment below about your journey. Encouragement is the key in weight loss, when you have the support of those around you it is an unbelievable advantage!

I haven't been organised enough to have taken a before picture but here is a comparison between two pictures, the first taken around starting the weight watchers plan and the second picture being the most recent picture I have of myself, from 2 weeks ago :)

Happy Holidays everyone!!

love always

Amanda xxx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Crafting!!!!

I purchased a Christmas wreath last year and quite frankly it wasn't worthy of being put up this year so it moved house, straight into the bin. So I had been on the look out for a new wreath to match this years jewelled colour theme in my lounge... I did see one, although due to my student bank balance it wasn't really a 'must have' buy so I thought better of it and left it. The wreath hanger from last year had been so empty and looked very silly hung over my door with nothing on it!

And so sitting there at 10pm at night, mid week, an idea popped into my head. Why don't I make my own Christmas wreath!

I got to it, got out the super glue, baubles from last year (they weren't allowed to be put out this year as they didn't match!) tinsel from last year and some string. (yes my boyfriend thought I was slightly mad beginning this at such an hour! :)

I threaded all the baubles together and tied into a circular shape, gluing each bauble to each other for a slightly more sturdy structure and here it is......

I must say I am very proud of myself!!!

What do you think?

Festive hugs ,




Barry M Nail Paint Haul

I love Barry M Nail Paints as many other bloggers do!

I have lots of different colours, so I am always looking out for a new one colour to add to my collection!

I have grouped together here a few of my Barry M nail paints that I have not yet blogged about, all here in the one post for your convenience! :)

from left to right:

264-pink iridescent
305-pink flamingo
279-bright pink

This is a gorgeous Blue almost a violet/blue colour.

The pink iridescent is great as a top coat although with a few coats can be gorgeous looking on its own!

I love my pink polishes and these are two of my favs! Pink flamingo being a coral coloured pink and bright pink a more Barbie pink colour.

As always the consistency of Barry M nail paints are always good and the price is even better at £2.99!

Here are some pictures and swatches of the beautiful colours...

Happy Holidays everyone!

Lots of love


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Outfit of the evening...

Here is my outfit of the evening from a recent Christmas party I went to!

I hope you like it!

Where is it from?

Leopard print sheer top-
Black vest Topshop £6
Wet look leggings Topshop £22
Colour block shoes River Island £30
Shamballa Bracelet
Primark Pink ring

Here's how it looked...

What do you guys think?

Love Amanda

Monday, 19 December 2011

Makeup of many evenings...

My favourtite simple evening makeup look...

Another Christmas party and another makeup look :)

Eyeshadow Sleek storm palette
Maybelline foundation
rimmel bronzer
L'oreal Lash architect mascara 
sleek blush in coral
rimmel waterproof eyeliner
lipliner ELF studio in natural
Lipstick Boots natural collection
HD Brow palette
Collection 2000 finishing powder
George Highlighter block

 And another makeup look... the same makeup just a different lipstick (another natural collection) and the day after a spray tan! :)

I love these simple make-up looks for a meal out or something informal. They are so easy to achieve but with the right hair and outfit can look effortlessly chic 

What do you think of this toned down look?

Lots of Love


Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Glossy Box

Hello my lovelies!

This months Glossy Box is a lovely and festive in  beautiful glossy red box!

I received 6 products this month 2 of which were full sized.

This months Glossy Box...

This month I received:

Rituals Foaming shower gel- This smells absolutely divine! I will definitely be repurchasing this when it runs out!

Blink+go Mascara

Me Me Me seventh heaven This smells lovely! I have yet to use this, but I can tell it will be lovely and fresh on the skin

Cargo lipgloss- this is nothing exciting I found just another gloss, nothing special

Deborah Lipmann nail polish in Razzle Dazzle (above pic)- A gorgeous deep glittery red polish
Deborah Lipmann on the go polish remover pads

A very festive box this month for obvious reasons! I am fairly impressed with this box and something that has got me intrigues as to what January will hold is the new beauty profile.

I mentioned in my last GB review that I really wasn't sure about whether I wanted to carry on my subscription to GB, mainly due to having filled in a beauty profile at the beginning of my subscription and not really getting any product merely related to what I had described!

However, strangely I received an email today from GB telling me about their all new beauty profile, so I have dutifully filled it in and I will be awaiting my January GlossyBox to see whether they have taken any notice of it!

If not I will be cancelling unfortunately!