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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Style Icons

My Style Icons.

My style is very varied and I don't just have one particular look.

One thing that is a constant is that I like to look individual, although with the masses of the same clothing the high street churn out, this can prove very difficult!

Although, who cares if you have the same top or dress on as someone else? You are probably wearing it in two very different ways.

This is why I love accessories so much!

I am an absolute lover for statement rings, in a major way in fact! I have dozens and dozens of them, each for different outfits and different moods.

I also love scarves, scarves can change an outfit in an instant and can give jeans and a vest an instant trend boost if it is in the latest print or colour.

I do get inspiration from magazines and the famous people I see etc although alot of the time I know in the back of my mind that most of these people have a stylist, a wonderful talented person behind the scenes that has a beautiful eye for the perfect outfit. Although, I know of course some of these famous people have this flair themselves, this is when we see them in jeans and flip flops and they still love effortless.

Here I have put together a short collection of some of the people I think have a flair for fashion and those who always look oh so perfect....

                                    LAUREN CONRAD

Ok so Lauren is a Fashion designer, and has worked in fashion for many years, so of course she is a stylish lady! But she makes how she has put together such a gorgeous outfit look so easy and very enviable!


Mollie is frequently in the magazines and the best thing is the majority of what she wears is High Street and therefore affordable for people like us! I hate it when you see someone wearing something absolutely gorgeous check where it is from and it ends up being hundreds if not thousands of pounds, a bit disappointing to say the least! She always looks gorgeous but puts things together in a perfect way.


Just like her band mate Mollie her fashion sense is spot on at all times, even in this casual look she is bang on trend with her tan jeans and again the majority of what Frankie wears is high street so easy to find for us! Despite this being skinny jeans and a vest she looks effortlessly fashionable and stunning! Frankie is never afraid to experiment with many trends from the girlie trends right through to rock chick looks, which I love to do myself so I absolutely love Frankie's style!


Ok, Alex does have the 'WAG' status and WAGs can get bad press when it comes to fashion, although I think Alex always looks great! Apart from the Juicy Couture tracksuit and moon boots combo a few years back, wow that WAS bad, lets try and forget about that one for now, a girl can make a fashion mistake can't she? I know I have, many times! But as you can see from this casual picture, she has little make-up on, flat dolly shoes, cardigan, skinny's and looks fab! Easy casual outfit to put together and again, all similar items available on the High Street!! 

I also get lots of inspiration from people around me and from people that I pass in the street, it often happens that I see something in a shop that I am either not sure of or I come to the decision that it wouldn't look right on me... and then I go and see it on someone else and it looks gorgeous the way they have styled it! So I often go back and grab it if I can, although the bank balance doesn't always agree!

Who are your fashion icons? Are the the same as mine?

Lots of love

Amanda xXx

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