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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Weight Watcher's Update...

Well, I well and truly fell off the weight watchers wagon for the past 3 weeks. I have been poorly which didn't help my motivation at all and also sometimes once you start to feel good about your weigh loss its harder to carry on because you don't have that 'hatred' of your weight that you once had when you started. Or maybe that's just me!

So I have decided to get back to it! I have to

So off I went to the weigh in and was to be honest pretty nervous, I had been away for almost 3 weeks, full of cakes, chocs, take aways and well things that weigh watchers cringe at!

I stepped on the scales and had put on ... only 1/2 a pound I was sooo pleased and it proves that weight watchers does retrain your brain to make the healthier choices.

Now one week on and the next weigh in I had stayed the same... this last 8lb is proving increasingly difficult, but now I am determined to get it off!

I have an outing coming up this week for my boyfriends birthday and we are off for a meal at pizza express. Now Pizza and weight watchers hmmm.. may be a concern although after a look through their website I discovered they now have the new 'Leggera' range which are all the lighter options, and it is supported by Weight watchers so you will find the points calculations for many of the meal options worked out on their website.

So good all around hey! I can celebrate with him and keep on track.. lovely! :)

Well I will get there eventually I hope!

Are you having an up and down weight watchers journey?

Lots of love


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