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Friday, 3 June 2011

Colour Club Nail polish- Worth the Risque

Colour Club Nail Polish in Worth the Risque is a kind of holographic nail polish.

I searched for this after seeing the gorgeous GOSH  version on a few blog's .

Obviously I am kinda late to the game on this one as it has been discontinued and is on Ebay from starting prices of £15!!!

Well I am not for spending that much on one nail polish, so off I went in search of a dupe.

And I found Colour Club.

I bought this online too, from Ebay and it looked perfect.

It is gorgeous when the light catches it in the right places but when it doesn't it was kind of a let down really, just a normal silver coloured nail polish, I must say I was a little disappointed! :(

But like I say when the light catches it is gorgeous I hope you are able to see this in the pictures.

I would give this 5/10 it wouldn't be a regular nail polish as I got rather bored with it after two days!

Not enough 'WOW' for me i'm afraid. :(

Love Amanda 

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