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Monday, 6 February 2012

Valentines Glossy Box....

Now I am still in limbo with the whole Glossy box situation! If you read my posts regularly I often go on about not being happy with that months box and how I am willing to give it another month to see if they book their ideas up... however I am still subscribed and still getting the monthly glossy box to my door.
Very strange I found this month to have a Valentines day box delivered in January with products that well, don't really relate to Valentines day in any way... hmmm. I think, even a lovely pink or red lipstick would have been a great addition rather than a body wash and a one use face cleanser!

So I am still stuck in the GB rut and may remain here for... well Im not sure really! I must admit I was so unimpressed this month, I just cannot get my head around some of the products that are included within the box that are repeated, often lotions, hand creams and perfume samples that are very strange. I have read many times from other beauty bloggers that their simple wish is for Glossy Box to READ the questionnaire that its subscribers took TIME to fill in at the beginning of joining up. Often products I receive I think are far too old for me and just a simple age check would have ironed that problem out!

Enough of my rant.... here is the Valentines box....

The polish as you can see in my swatch is rather dark compared to in the bottle, it is really hard to tell that you are wearing a red polish so if you are looking for an obvious red, this isn't it unfortunately.(This is two coats) The consistency of the polish is rather runny so be careful on your lovely carpet!!! The Weleda face cleanser and toner is a lovely fresh smell but I wash rather disappointed as after one use half the bottle wash gone, perhaps it is because we were spoilt with a full sized Weleda body oil earlier on in Glossy Box days. The FAB bodywash, nothing exciting nor does the smell appeal either really just... bodywash. The eyeko liner again like oh so many liners, nice idea with the extra long handle, so even when the pencil has been sharpened down to the last millimetre you still have a good grip to get your moneys worth, like that, good idea Eyeko!  The Murad face prep, is rather scary when you first pump it out onto your hand if your are a fairly lighter skin tone you think it will never blend! I didn't have a problem with this as I am not very fair although I would be interested to know how very fair skinned ladies have got on with it? Perhaps you could comment below and let me know! Good product although I don't think I would go out of my way to purchase it in full size!

Are you a member of the monthly subscription or are you thinking about joining?

Lots of Love as always....

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