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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Maybelline Air Foam foundation in 030 Sand

I have always been a fan of the Maybelline dream foundations and I could not wait to try this one when it was first advertised. I must admit during my trip to Boots to buy this it is so hard to choose the correct colour.

I learnt from a mistake I made a while ago when I switch from the Maybelline Dream foundation to the Superstay foundation and picked out the same colour I had been using. Big mistake it was a completely different colour than in the original dream foundation... very strange. 

So there I was stood in boots by a rather messy display stand and then I realised why the stand was so full of foundation! The huge amount of foundation that comes out of this bottle from one spray is incredible, it is just like squirting out some hair mousse onto you hand, leaving with far to much for one application.The bottle is not clear either so you can't even gage the colour through the bottle.

The bottle is in the usual Maybelline style and the product is rather thin when applied. I was rather disappointed, I wouldn't consider the coverage level as a foundation more that of a tinted moisturiser, a very natural face perfecter. Although, it is build-able which does give you a much better coverage.... It does dry rather quickly too so my advice is work fast! I have found this foundation works best straight after applying your primer it blends far easier!

What do you ladies think?

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