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Sunday, 11 September 2011

ELF studio creme eyeliner

I had never tried gel eyeliner before this one, so wanted to try a cheaper version just to make sure that I could use it and also if I didn't like the look I wouldn't be too disappointed by spending to much money on it...

And so to the product... the packaging is lovely as it usually is on the ELF studio range. Black lid, which seems pretty air tight and a clear bottom container that the product is in.

The liner is really creamy and pretty easy to use with the brush provided. It is a true black colour although I did find I had to go over the liner a few times to get a deep black line.

It is easily smudged when first applied but does stay put once dried.

The ELF studio liner is available in quite a large colour range so I think I will be trying a few of the other colour to! For £3.50 this liner is an absolute bargain!

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