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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Weight Watcher's Update

Just a small update on my weight watchers journey!

Last week wasn't a very good week as I only lost 1/2lb! booo! :(

So I did get a bit disheartened this week and thought about giving up and reaching for the cream cakes again!

Although my weigh in was yesterday and this week I have lost 2lb!! woohooo!!

and ALSO received my 'silver 7' sticker as I have lost 7 1/2lbs so far!

I have regained my drive again for this so I am pleased I managed to lose more this week!

Only 11lb to go!

How are you getting on with your weight loss journey?

If you are struggling like I was don't give up! 

Lots of Love 



  1. well done you! thank you for the lovely comment and welcome to bloggy woggy! : )

    please check out my fb page too xxx

  2. it is hard at first but before you know it your in treble figures i'm still a small fry in this big mad world haha.

    thanks again spk soon xx


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