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Thursday, 21 April 2011

A very long....Weight Watcher's Update.

Well... another good week of Weight Watchers

A loss of 1.5lb this week which is fab!!

Sometimes I find it so so hard to keep on track, especially at the moment with Easter eggs all around... this has been my main downfall.

Some days I think ohh I will be ok a little bit won't hurt, but then a little bit turns into a lot and then before I know it the whole lot is gone. I have however been balancing this out by exercising, mainly bike rides around the scenic sights of my local countryside, which with the gorgeous weather we have been having lately it is nice to be out and about.

Although the week that I put weight on, this was the week that I didn't exercise, so I am kinda scared to stop exercising at the moment in case I put weight on!

I am not far from my goal weight now, only another 10lb to go and having lost 8lb so far in 6 weeks, hopefully it will not take me too long to get to my goal in time for my holiday in July!

It is amazing the prejudice that surrounds weight and indeed weight-loss, people have a perception that if they think that you look slim their answer is, 'what are you moaning about?' I experienced this at my  meeting last week and for a split second I let it upset me, I realised soon enough that this lady was in a way complementing me, in a round about way. I don't believe that there should be pressure on people to  conform to how others want them to be. If you are a beautiful big girl and are happy with the way you look and your weight then who cares about anyone else's opinion and on the other hand if you are slim but feel that little bit uncomfortable and think you would be happier losing a few pounds then who's to say you can't!

It is all about confidence and how you feel about yourself inside that counts and the people around you who love you, will love you for who you  are whatever shape or size that you are.

I do enjoy the way weight watchers is formatted compared to other diets because that's just it, it isn't a diet. You can eat what you want and how much, you just have to re train yourself to pick the healthier options that are out there, we are all sensible enough to realise that a huge plate of fruit and veg is much better than a big slice of chocolate fudge cake, although for me the cake mostly wins! :) 

But for some reason with going to the Weight Watcher meeting each week it stops me from cheating because I know the next week I have to stand in front of someone and get weighed! It might not be for everyone but it works for me.

Sorry for this random ramble on for well.. toooo long :) but I have kind of written in a stream of conciousness so I hope it makes sense to you guys!

Lots of Love


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