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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Easter eggs are NOT a weight watchers friend....

So... a little update on my Weight Watcher journey for this week... not a good one really :(

1lb on this week! boooo !! :( Although I half expected it as I ate a full Easter egg on Saturday night! oops!

Im sorry but it is tough when they are all around the house AND only £1 at Asda! :)

Anyway, i've got back on the wagon today and hopefully will exercise my butt off this week and try and get rid of that 1lb!

It is hard not to just give in and quit but I feel so much better being more controlled over what I eat, more energy and actually know my body is getting what it needs rather than too much chocolate and biscuits!

 So anyone struggling like me stick with it! I know it is really hard through the weeks when you put on weight but the feeling when you have lost the weight is amazing! Really gives you your boost back so i'm hoping for this next week!

Got to stay positive!

Lots of Love



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