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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ELF Primers

I did an ELF Haul of products a few weeks ago, but have yet to review in detail so here goes!...


I bought ELF Mineral Face primer from the ELF Studio range.

I loved the packaging on this product it was so sturdy and expensive looking!
The product inside was great too! A clear solution that glided on didn't clump or go patchy, went on evenly and left a peachy soft base for foundation!And a little goes a long way! LOVE THIS!

ALTHOUGH I ran out so fast! I was gutted! 
The primer lasted me about 2 weeks and this wasn't applying it everyday either and with just one pump per application... You cannot see the product through the bottle so you have no idea when it is going to run out!

At £6.00 I thought what a great price for a great primer, although then I ran out so fast I have now reconsidered buying again as there are plenty more primers out there that aren't going to run out mid way through putting your make up on!!

for the packaging 10/10
for the product 9/10
Overall 7/10 (the amount really knocked the scored down here)

Have you had the same experience with ELF mineral primer?

ELF Eyelid Primer

Similar story here folks ! SMALL SMALL quantities :(
Great product however and yes of course for the price.... (£1.50)
I can't expect van loads of primer can I? Although I must say this has lasted  longer than the mineral face primer!

Lovely consistency to this eyelid primer, slightly tinted but once blended in you cannot tell it is there at all. I think this helps give a better base however, to allow the true colour of the eye shadow to come through and really pop!

Have you tried any of ELF's Primers?

Lots of Love 

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