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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Models Own Emerald City glitter polish

I haven't owned a glitter polish in a long while, but they have become incredibly more sophisticated over the years haven't they? Gorgeous colours are available and good quality brands are creating them.


I recently chose this polish as it is just a gorgeous colour! The pictures I have really don't do it justice, the Models Own stock photo however is a little better colour wise.
Check it out HERE

It is a gorgeous dare I say 'Emerald green', I think the clue is in the title of that one! :)
A great Christmas tree green and super sparkly.

Like I said my pictures really don't do the colour of this gorgeous polish justice but that's just because of my camera! Its not that good really!

The coverage on the last picture here is achieved by 3 coats! And if you are a perfectionist like me you will be able to see it still isn't a full coverage! So I would definitely put another coat on. With one coat it is almost completely sheer with fine green glitter.

The thing to note here though is this is the polish straight onto the natural nail with no base colour. I think is would also look great with a base polish underneath, also this would then require less coats of glitter! :)

What do you think?



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