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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hair Treatments....

I have been using hair treatments a lot recently to try and get my hair back to a good condition. My hair is dry at the ends mainly due to my over use of straighteners!

The last few months I have eased off using straighteners and embracing my natural curl, although it has been difficult!

I have used many different hair treatments over the years but here are the ones I have been loving recently...

Aussie Hair 3 minute miracle

This left my hair feeling silky soft and for 99p from my local supermarket its super handy picking one of these sachets up. They also smell gorgeous which is an added bonus!

Tresemme Treatment masque sachet


Similar to the Aussie treatment it leaves hair feeling soft and nourished. Similar price point at around 99p from the supermarket.

Now on to a more professional range of treatments which are available from salons.

The Matrix 5+ Protopak re constructor treatment.

Fantastic treatment and my hair felt amazing afterwards. If you are struggling with dry/ damaged hair try this out it is fantastic. I bought mine from my local salon wholesaler but they are also available on Ebay I have noticed at around £2 a sachet.

And finally...

Joico K-PAK reconstructor.


I bought this again on Ebay after my hairdresser recommended it to me. It is a system also available in salons. I bought the travel version of the system so I could try it out without splashing out on the larger bottles. The set cost just over £10. In the set there is shampoo, conditioner, treatment and styling oil. I love this pack. My hair feels amazing after using this system and I will be definitely buying more. I would definitely recommend trying this out as an alternative to the matrix treatment.

Overall for a cheap treatment I pick up an Aussie or TRESemme sachet from the supermarket. But when I am feeling a little more flush I purchase the K-PAK re-constructor by Joico.

I generally try and leave the treatment on for as long as possible and I do this at least once a week to keep my coloured hair as nourished as possible.

You can see my hair transformation here and the reason I started using these treatments.

Do you have any treatment recommendations?

Love Amanda

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